About Magna Terra

Magna Terra Minerals Inc. is a Canada based, precious metals focused exploration company, with a strategic interest in the Horn of South America. Magna Terra has recently announced the acquisition of a significant exploration portfolio in the prolific yet underexplored Province of Santa Cruz, Argentina. We feel that the time is now for Argentina, with a rapidly improving political environment and aggressive reforms that have already taken place during the past two years. The tone has been set for the return of investment capital to the country and specifically to the mineral resource sector. Magna Terra is perfectly positioned to capitalize on this environment and has assembled an experienced team to advance this highly prospective exploration portfolio in the near term.


To be a best in class precious metals project generator in the Horn of South America.


Create shareholder value through the discovery and development of high quality, low cost gold and silver ounces.


All ounces were not created equal and at Magna Terra we rely on a highly skilled, creative and focused exploration and management team to discover and acquire early stage projects where we can add value quickly. We believe in focusing on geographies with workable logistics and mining infrastructure where prospective land is accessible both physically and politically. By leveraging superior prospecting, technology and interpretational skills, we look for high value low cost ounces neighbouring established mines and projects, which give high potential for joint venture and offtake partners. We aim to joint venture projects early, preferably prior to first phase drilling, so that we can minimise risk to shareholders whilst simultaneously offering strong upside potential in the case of discovery. The Horn of South America includes good quality  deposit types in low altitude areas with good and improving road networks and a strongly developing mining culture and infrastructure.

The implementation of the current strategy includes a planned investment of approximately US$320,000 in ground magnetic, IP and CSMT surveys on our projects which, by the end of 2017, will upgrade our 6 main projects to a level where each project can boast not only defined drill targets, but a fully planned and costed drill program, ready for joint venture on a first phase drilling turnkey basis, under our management.

Community Relations and Environmental Policy

At Magna Terra we believe that community relations, ease of access to private land and looking after the environment go hand in hand. The kinds of terrain in which we often operate are places where mining and agriculture coexist in close proximity and so we start any exploration program with visits to local land owners which are made by our own exploration staff. We find that building a friendship early, between the explorer and the land owners, prior to the initial prospecting phase, is the best way to build a good working relationship for the whole life of the project. We acquire permission to work from land owners and then endeavour to keep them informed about the value of mining to them and their community as well as the impact on their land and our amelioration programs.

Management, Directors & Advisors